The Division is proud to announce a new way to help support our members working to achieve and maintain their AICP credentials. The purpose of this grant is to support members by providing certification assistance for the AICP Exam Spring Cycle.   

The 2023, AICP Spring certification registration is open April 3-27, 2023 (One Path to AICP)

Only applicants with a 2023 Women and Planning Division membership will be considered.



Three funding opportunities are available to members:

1. AICP Annual Dues
 WPD will pay the AICP dues for a Division member one time per qualified applicant.  An applicant can receive this support for an additional year if the program funding has not been distributed by Nov. 1, in the second year they apply.

2. Preparation for AICP Exam
WPD will pay up to $200 towards AICP exam preparation course materials or other exam support one time per qualified applicant.
Other acceptable forms of exam support can include transportation to exam, childcare, other situation specific support.

3. AICP Exam Registration Fee, Planning Experience Assessment Fee
WPD will pay the current fee towards the AICP exam application fee, and Planning Experience Assessment fee, one time per qualified applicant. 


The application period is from February 13 – March 17, 2023.


Applicants will submit the following information:

  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Email
  • Confirmation of Program Applying for
  • Description (up to 200 words) outlining why you are looking for financial support
  • Description (up tp 200 words) explaining why the AICP credential is important to you
  • Description (up to 200 words) explaining why this support will make a difference in achieving your AICP goals
  • Target Date for AICP Exam Prep and what part of the preparation the money will be used for (if applicable)
  • Exam Date and/or Planning Experience Assessment Date (if applicable)
  • Financial Request

Applications can be received throughout the year. Review of requests will align with the spring and fall AICP certification cycles as well as with the annual AICP dues renewal period.