Women's History Month - Programs and Events!

Why We Celebrate Women's History Month: A WPD Essay

The Women & Planning Division was created by and for women in the planning profession in 1979. Over the Division’s 40+ year history, one of the longest running Divisions in APA, the needs of women in planning have evolved but our mission remains the same:

To provide a national network supporting women in the planning profession and advocating for the needs of women in the planning practice.

In this Division, we expose and champion the ways in which our profession can better support women in the workplace; enhancing equity, closing the gender wage gap, equally paying women for equal work, flexible workplace policies for home/work balance, providing affordable childcare options, and seeing gender parity in our most basic of institutional accolades; FAICP inductees. We will continue this message to overturn these stark differences that we see through our work as a Division, programming, networking, connecting, and on the national stage at NPC.

Read on for a full history of our Division linked below on our website!

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Thank you for helping WPD celebrate Women's History Month 2024. We'll see you in 2025!


March 14, 2024 at 1 PM ET: Women Entrepreneurs in Urban Planning, Panel and Discussion Women take different career paths in urban planning. While having equal skills to start a business, men heavily outnumber women in entrepreneurial endeavors. In this panel discussion, women-led business owners will share their personal stories that have led them to entrepreneurship, the challenges of starting a business and brand, and bringing their passions to their communities. Featuring: Dee Powell, Creator and Founder of Do Right By the Streets (DRBTS); Samantha Ellman and Natalie Ikhrata, Urban Planning Is Not Boring Podcast Co-hosts; Breanne Rothstein, AICP - Founder and CEO, Thrive Consulting; Jasmine Jones-Bynes, Four Degrees to the Streets Podcast Co-host

POSTPONED! Sex(ism) and the City, Panel & Discussion Modern city planning is faced with reconciling a long history of gender bias in planning practice. Buzzwords like "gender mainstreaming" are entering the collective consciousness but have limited success in creating tangible changes in planning practice. Women and minorities continue to be systemically underrepresented in the decision-making process for land use decisions. This panel will acknowledge sexist cities and then discuss strategies for planners and communities to dismantle barriers for women & minority populations participating in the decision-making process through strategic civic engagement. Featuring Lydia Lo, Research Assistant at Urban Institute and Katelynn Wintz, AICP as Moderator.

March 28, 2024 at 12 PM ET: Women in Pow-HER, Our annual Women's History Month networking event! Join the APA Women & Planning Division for an enriching mid-morning coffee break and networking event celebrating. Featured speakers: Atlanta Planning Commissioner, Jahnee Prince; Community Development Director and Planner for the City of Little Canada, Corrin Wendell; and Assistant Director of Zoning for the City of Miami, Tamara Frost. These accomplished professionals will share their insights and experiences, highlighting the power and influence of women in planning. After the panel discussion, we invite you to stay for a 30-minute networking session to connect with fellow planners in the field, exchange ideas, and expand your professional network. So grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and join us for a morning filled with stimulating conversation and networking opportunities!