From Invisible to Empowered: Mainstreaming the Gender Perspective in Planning

By Chun Xu and Yu Wang

In the fall of 2022, a Gender and Planning Panel was launched at Cornell University. It was supported by the Department of City and Regional Planning (CRP) and organized by two Cornell CRP students – Chun Xu (Master of Regional Planning ‘22) and Yu Wang (Master of Science Candidate in Regional Science ‘23). The panel invited Melissa Dickens, AICP and Andy Micklow, Ph.D. as the panelists for discussion to examine the role of planning in creating and maintaining gender divides into urban spaces in the United States. The panel attracted over 50 attendees, including students, professors, and practitioners. When asked about the most important takeaway from this panel, the organizers said, “Planning for women is complicated, controversial, but never outdated. We are glad to learn from this panel that planning is a field with the capacity to change.”

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Student Research: Invisible Women in Comprehensive Plans